Making the Move!

Making the Move!

The festive season is upon us, so it’s understandable if you briefly thought about putting your home on the market just before Christmas but then discarded that thought in an instant when you remembered you would be playing host to your nearest and dearest during Christmas and New Year!

You probably think Christmas time is the worst time of year for you to try and present your home in its best light.   If you are not rushing around Main Street like a headless chicken buying those last minute presents that you know you should have bought weeks ago, then you are probably running around looking for the last frozen Turkey in Morrisons!

Most property analysts will normally agree that Christmas is not the best time of year to put your property on the market – and whilst it may be a headache to keep your home in a “show-flat” condition at this time of year, there are nevertheless some important factors that make Gibraltar stand out from the norm and may make you reconsider in the future.

Whilst viewings do tend to drop off at this time of year and increase once again in January, there is a forceful argument for marketing your property during the holiday season. 

The first of which is that your property will not sell if it is off the market and you can be sure that prospective purchasers that view your property during the holiday season are that much more serious.  In fact, many buyers actually prefer to look at this time of year as they tend to take time off work during this period and are able to house-hunt as a family.

Gibraltar, by its very nature as a finance centre, also has a large percentage of families that relocate here due to their work commitments and the timing of their arrival on our shores is dictated by their employers, not the seasons or our normally fantastic weather.

And finally, the festive season is also a time when we become very house proud in anticipation of our family and friends coming round to our property and your home probably looks more inviting than ever at this time of year – what better time is there to show it to potential buyers?

On behalf of all the team at Bray Properties I would like to wish you a very enjoyable festive season and a prosperous 2016!

Kind regards
Justin Bray